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Almost a year since…

I need to get back here and continue this blog, but until I have more time I will be uploading poems. Here’s a cheery one to kick off 2015 (Almost 5 months late). This came about through my own experiences with depression, and being #DepressionAwarenessWeek I was inspired to tell my story.

Gathering Dust

I sit in this chair,

and gaze longingly for purpose.

Like the objects that surround me,

I gather dust.

There must be a point to this, there must…

The sun glare and blue sky.

Beauty, window framed.

This is all I trust.

The glass encases me.

I feel trapped inside an all encompassing compass,

with no arms,

no direction,

no point….

Wherever I’m going,

I may make it there someday.

How will I know if I’ve arrived?

What if I’ve already left?

I don’t know where I am…

Know where?


I must make it out, I must.

But for now…

I will gather dust.